Heard County Incentives

The Development of Heard County is prepared to negotiate the following incentives to new and expanding business and industry:


  • Industrial Revenue Bond Financing through the Authority's affordable property tax exemptions for new and expanding industry when the Authority remains the owner of the property.

  • An established local Revolving Loan Fund providing low interest loans for new and expanding industry affecting substantial job creation and/or capital investment.

  • Flexible property tax abatement for qualified projects.

  • Property tax exemption during an approved project’s construction phase.  Fast track local permitting process in typically five working days.  The county may waive any local permitting and licensing fees required for construction.

  • Grant and loan packaging for infrastructure improvements and/or building construction.

  • Affordable public and private industrial properties can be negotiated through the Development Authority, as well as lease-purchase and lease-back financing agreements.

  • Low and/or competitive land prices available with negotiable discounts on Authority-controlled properties.

  • Job tax credits totaling $4,000 per job with the creation of 10 or more jobs are available on state income taxes for businesses engaging in manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, processing, tourism, and research & development.  Investment tax credits at 2.5% are also available for eligible businesses.

  • Additional sales and use tax exemptions are available for qualifying businesses through the Georgia Department of Revenue.

  • Quick Start training assistance is available locally from West Georgia Technical College and ICAPP assistance from the State University of West Georgia for job specific training at no cost for new and expanding companies.  Each training program is tailored to meet a company’s needs for specialized workforce training.

  • The Georgia Department of Labor LaGrange Field Office partners with the Development Authority to provide job placement services and screening on all job types.

  • Georgia provides One Stop Permitting through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for required state and federal environmental protection permitting.


If you have any questions regarding these incentives or have a specific question, please feel free to contact our office at (706) 675-0554.